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Well considering that he has a successful career and a long-lasting marriage to a woman who is loyal to him and gave him daughters and raised them…..and HASN’T gotten cheated on or divorced….I think taking HIS advice would be smarter than taking it from men who are lazy, entitled, and cannot provide, protect, or be chivalrous.

And my father in no way “controls” my mother. She is highly religious and will tell you that only “Jesus controls her”. And she means it. My father does not ever make sexist, disrespectful, or rude remarks to her. He does not raise his voice to her, I have never seen them argue. She also does not raise her voice, disrespect him, or say rude things to him. They also don’t EVER talk shit about each other to others or to us.

So I’d rather follow my parents example of what a “normal” marriage is……then the White Trash interpretation that guys like Roissy and MRAs/PUAs believe in (virgin, idiot wife with disgusting man-whore asshole).

If he was so smart why didn’t he want sons by a highly intelligent woman so his children would inherit superior genes?

He married a dummy and had two wayward daughters. One of whom is an admitted slutty, ex-stripper with a kid out of wedlock by an Irish drunk.

First of all, he already HAS two “highly intelligent” daughters. My sister and I both got Honor Roll our entire lives and also have happy families. My father did not want any sons. He always said that “You can always reason with daughters. Boys you cannot.”

Second, don’t ever say a single bad word against my father because you REALLY don’t know how stupid and wrong your comments are. Not a single person on this earth has a “bad” or disrespectful thing to say about my father OR my parents. They’re well-off, very religious, very respectable members of society and I won’t tolerate you EVER insulting my father. He has more intelligence, dignity, respect, and knows that a real man actually supports AND raises his children.