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It’s analogous to large breasts. There are plenty of men who don’t have a strong preference, there are men who like a B cup, and there are men who want DDDs. Some of that is about what turns you on during sex, and there’s also a large cultural piece. We fetishize large breasts in America. We also fetishize large penises. So even though there are plenty of women who go “ew” at the idea, or don’t care, we’ve adopted the “bigger is better” attitude.

This is quite interesting, and I definitely agree: the emphasis on “size” is largely cultural. I don’t know about male parts, but there’s no biological reason why large breasts are more attractive. Breast size depends on fatty tissue, not how much milk a breast can produce, which is apparently the common misunderstanding (a lamaze instructor came to visit one of my classes last semester and told us this).

Also I really don’t care about penis size. I don’t see how girls can compare them, as if all the guys they’ve ever hooked up with lined up in front of them and they measured with a ruler. I sort of think a lot of it is just talk. Then again, I haven’t hooked up with 50+ guys, so who knows.
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  • 396 Susan Walsh January 25, 2012 at 11:28 am
Susan, aren’t you the same person who said that you hope Roissy falls in love (and , possibly, implied that he would then get married to that new love)?

I wrote it out as a romantic fantasy. Hope springs eternal – I’d like to think that people are capable of change. But my assessment stands. Roissy would be a terrible bet for marriage. Fortunately, I doubt it’s something he would ever consider. He has said he will never marry.

  • 397 Susan Walsh January 25, 2012 at 11:30 am
If you could walk into a room, become the center of attention, enjoy the attention, and lead everyone there to have a great time…would you have more options with women or fewer?

First of all, you haven’t described a narcissist, just an extravert with high openness. You’d be the guy in the room most likely to get laid that night. If you lacked empathy, and were indeed a narcissist, you’d be just as likely to get laid, and highly unlikely to have a quality relationship.