Who is a Cosmetologist?

The cosmetologist is an expert in makeup, skin care, and beauty products. The individual gives magnificence benefits that incorporate restorative consideration for hair, skin and body.

What does a Cosmetologist do?

A cosmetologist can treat and style hair, but the word root is Greek, meaning cosmetic. As such, a beautician can be found who performs a variety of beauty treatments that include cutting, coloring, or hair extensions. Some also specialize in skin care and may do pedicure, manicure, face care, or makeup work on the client. You may even discover cosmetologists attempting to eliminate hair by waxing or through more perpetual estimates, for example, utilizing serious beat lightly.

How to Become a Cosmetologist

The cosmetologist must go to an accredited esthetic school and be licensed in the state in which they practice. You may want to consider several different schools of aesthetics before making the final decision because they can vary greatly. While at school, you'll also learn everything about skin care, such as wraps, facials, and hair removal. Besides working in the classroom, you will also receive practical training and have to pass exams. From there, you can then work on any major you might be interested in.


Cosmetologists may perform many different types of jobs. Here are some of the most popular specialties in aesthetics and typical tasks.

Hair Styling

Includes skills and tasks a hairdresser manages throughout the week:
 Wash, shampoo, dry and cut hair
 Shaping, cutting, combining, styling, straightening or curling hair
 Coloring, dyeing, lightening hair
 Chemically change hair texture, curl, and relax hair
 Braiding hair
Fitting hair extensions or weaves


Usually hairdressing refers to the service of women, men and children. Shaving traditionally focused on male clients. Some of the skills and duties performed by a barber are:
Hair cut, trim, shampoo and styling
 Shave facial hair
 hair composition
 Coloring or curling hair
Perform facial treatments


The esthetician focuses on skin care. Here are some of the common treatments that a skin care professional will do:
For the face
Moisturize the skin and reduce wrinkles
Waxing, plucking, eyebrow trimming, and hair removal
Anti-aging treatments

Nail Technician

The nail technician mainly works with fingernails and pedicures. Here are some of their beauty specialties:
Nail art, nail jewelry
Gel nails, silk nails, and acrylic nails

Makeup Artist

A makeup artist may work in professional photography studios, cinema, special effects, fashion shows, weddings, or special events. Professional cosmetologists know how different cosmetics interact with skin, and how to achieve specific looks and effects with makeup.


The electrologist uses special equipment to facilitate permanent hair removal. Electricity is applied to the damaged hair follicle so that the hair does not grow back. This field usually requires additional certification, due to the nature of the procedure.